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Created in 1999...We party like it :P

This site started as a place to house my projects mostly expirmental with no clear objective. Over the years the process was refined as I found a path that suited my future amibtions of giving you unqiue apps and frameworks. The main goal I have for this site now is research and development. Not every ideas starts out big so the idea behind this site is to provide a means of research for professional projects taken on by Mach 3 Software our parent company.

Over the years X32 Developers has had its share of exposure on tv with one of the apps we created here Who's Connected. Very simple tcp connection viewer. Was on Tech TV Call for Help also was a #1 Story on Digg.com V2. We are gonna breath new life to that project and many others friends of X32 have contributed over the years. I will not limit developement so if its media and we feel its worthy of share or tutorial we will provide it.

Most of the projects were learning expirences and we encourage young kids to get involved to help code there own future. Some of my greatest projects came from a napkin so you cannot underestimate the power of creativity. Thank you for you intrest in our site and we are excited to have you as our visitor!