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Posted by Cyb3rz3r0 - 10/12/2015 4:54
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Changes are coming....

First VR Social Network Sandbox is coming..... Not saying anymore.... 

Xmas Updates......

We are back thanks to Nathan @ VirualWebHost our great server partner for past 13 years.... He saved x32dev.com from the certin grips of godaddy who loves to hold all my domains hostage for ransom.... I am gonna give this site some love over this xmas holiday in prep for a new year of development and progress I been pretty tight lipped about my current developments. I hope to shed some light on a great many things thank you for your loyalty and sticking with us threw all the turnmoil. 


Outage -> 12/12/15 

1. Will be cleaning db wiping all these inactive user accounts

2. Fixing some sync issues 

3. Section updates for all the unfinished sections (This site will be complete with everything needed to launch ARC3D, ARCNET & ARCSEngine)

- 02/15/2016 -

X. SVN Goes online for first time will include plugin frameworks for ARC3D Interfaces and Coding Instructions (Advanced Programming)

X. ARC3D Oculus VR Pack (SDK) -> Will feature ability to add Oculus support to your space creations.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Who's Connected Beta Released!

Thank you for your patience....

Who's Connected


This application took me about a week to make in C#/C++ any bugs or errors generated that cause the program to malfuction or glitch we want to hear from you. Because we are small team we cannot test every possible system configuration. We are constantly upgrading and changing how things work so keep updated with this application I will be doing Bi-Weekly builds.

System Requirements

  1. Windows 7/8/10 | Surface
  2. Visual Studio .Net Framework* DOWNLOAD
  3. Active TCP/IP Internet Connection

Who's Connected

  1. Project Page - Link

This application is TOTALLY FREE! there is NO ADVERTISING, MALWARE or VIRUS's. We do not support those business practices so if you were charged for this application be sure to let us know!

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