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Date: 10/9/2016

Welcome To The New X32 Developers

After many months and countless hours we are happy to give you a new websites that has everything from who's connected to services we can provide for you over the next month there will be more pages sections and news stories

The Eventual goal is to build a resource and development network that can not only innovate, Also change to professional process threw our partnerships and friendships alike. This site has been funded and supported for over 10 years by Nathan Stohr - VirtualWebHosts CEO & CFO of Mach 3 Software without his Network and belief in this idea and many others I would not be writting this very first story to break in our new network. We will focus on customer marketing in coming weeks so we can generate revenue to support our main project ARC3D.

Be sure to signup for alpha access of ARC3D Everest the more signup's the greater chance this project has of getting off the ground. For more information on this project and signup please check out Mach 3 Software website. Thank You for Your Continued Support Over The Years!